My almost new and now complete actual setup:
Korg M1
In the need of a new MIDI-keyboard I was searching for something with soul, so I decided for the good old M1, just waiting for its arrival aftering buying at Ebay.
Steinberg Cubase SX3
Just waiting for my upgrade to SX3.
Native Instruments Absynth 3
A totally weird software-synth that will take over the 'Space'-part of GSM.
Native Instruments Battery 2
A great tool to handle drum-samples like DfH below, comes with a lot of kits.
Steinberg Halion
Another step into the digital world. Fortunately this software sampler can import the sounds of my EMU-library.

Drumkit From Hell
Finally I found really satisfying drum-sounds that easily import in Halion for use in the MIDI-Drum-Editor.

M-Audio Delta 44
The connection between my mixer and the comp.
M-Audio Midisport 2x2
Connection between my keyboard and drum-machine to the comp.
M-Audio Audiobuddy
Little preamp to get enough gain from my microphone and maybe my 12-string.
Line 6 POD xt
I can't play my Engl loud enough yet to be able to record it with a microphone, so I purchased this box full of wonders to record my guitars and to be able to play elsewhere even when I can't carry the amp and box around.
Line 6 FBV Shortboard
Footcontroller of the PODxt. Pretty nice, fast and comfortable way to switch between banks, effects and all, including a volume/wah-pedal.
Line 6 Bass POD
For direct recording my BTB 405.
AKG D 3700 S
Nice microphone, I don't even miss my old Sure SM48 that was stolen long ago.
Gibson SG Special
Well, this is my love. I found her at the 3rd of January 2003 on a vacation in Essen. Somehow it dragged me to visit some gear-stores there. First I played Classic Standard SG and was not very satisfied. Then in another shop I saw this Lady in Black equipped with humbuckers. She jumped into my arms, feather-light and affectionate. Love on first sight! She's my main lead-guitar.
Ibanez RG 2027X
On my search for the most evil sound I wondered about those 7-string guitars. Never cared about them earlier. Then I tested one and suddenly knew the origin of the mean sound of a lot DM-bands. I could get the last 2027X of Ibanez/Meinl here in germany. Here is how it looks after customization.
B.C. Rich N.J. Beast
An earlier purchase on my search for evil sound. Calling the SG a lady the Beast needs no other description, hehe. Very rough sound and a nice alternative to my other two main guitars.
Yamaha FGX423SC-12
Dunno why but I got a favour for 12-strings since I'm 14. This one has a nice sound, not too high and not too low, and a built-in pick-up, as well as an equalizer.
Ibanez BTB 405
For real low pressure I needed a new bass guitar with 5 strings. I just hate hacking bass-lines on my keyboard using samples. Guess I found a nice one that fits either my needs and my taste, it's black.
Damaged gear and stuff I formerly used:
Engl Powerball
Instrument of Mass Destruction. Pretty much low end for my 7-string. Due to neighbors and such I could not even play it loud. I gonna try to take it to someone's studio/basement to play it louder than the first line. Had to sell it 2007 together with the box below due to financial probs and the impossibility to get away from home.
Marshall 1960A
Resides under the Powerball.
Ensoniq EPS Sampling Keyboard
I still use the EPS as MIDI-keyboard, formerly it had been my main sampling keyboard. It could load all my old Mirage-sounds...refused to start booting 2007.
Ibanez RG 550
Without any reason after 3 years of very low use the neck would have to be replaced. Already sent it to Ibanez but I won't pay 450 € for a new neck. Maybe I'll grab some tools and metal-plates and make it a steel-axe, or let my kids play it as soon as their fingers are long enough.
Ibanez Custom LP (~1978)
'Stormbringer', my first electric guitar. Meanwhile damaged at the neck and body. It served me well for decades. Was already fitted with DiMarzios and has a nice screaming sound. Pretty different from all the other LPs that I could play.
B.C.Rich Platinum Warlock Bass
Some day I thought I'll need a bass, so I purchased this one used and cheap. Needs only a lil fixing.
Yamaha MT8X 8-Track Tape Recorder
I used that for a long time, but recorded only Catharsis with it..
Korg PXR4 4-Track Digital Recorder
That was my first step into the world of digital recording. Still is a nice tool for recording outside of my living-room, but I needed a more comfortable tool for arranging and recording, so I decided for Cubase.
EMU Esi 2000 Sampling Rack
Well, I love the warm sound of american samplers. After using Ensoniq's Mirage and EPS for a long time I wanted something more up-to-date and grabbed the ESI at Ebay, together with a dozen sound-cds. Fortunately I can import my sounds into Halion.
Roland SC 88 Sound-Module
Purchased that (used) together with the PXR4. Well, I just hate those sounds. Typical GM-stuff. I never used it.
Zoom Rythmtrak 234 Drum-Machine
The sounds of the 234 are way more fat than those of the LM1 which is included in Cubase, but now I'm satisfied with DFH.
t.c. electronic M300 Multi-Effect
Great sound, but most of the FX is included in the PODxt as well.
Zoom Studio 1204 Multi-Effect
I needed something more complex than the Midiverb II. The 1024 is great, maybe I will still use it from time to time, especially for pitching my voice.
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
THE metal stompbox.
Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Seen it and had to buy it. At last I always used the MT-2-setting.
Boss PW-10 Wah-Pedal
First digital Wah including a lot of different (classic) wah-sounds.
The gear I started with (including the Ibanez LP):
Marshall 5010 Master Lead Combo
My first amp that I used for decades.
Tascam Porta-05 4-Track Tape Recorder
Wow, that had been a celebration when my mom granted me this one. One of the first 4-trackers including a small mixing-section. Most of my old recordings are made with it.
Roland TR-626 Rythm Composer
Used that for a very long time.
Ensoniq Mirage 8-bit Sampling Keyboard
Another lucky day in my life. It was the beginning of the sampling-area at all. I created a lot samples myself at that time.
Alesis Midiverb II Multi-Effect
Good old Midiverb II, finest reverb you could get at that time (~1988)
Ibanez FL9 Flanger
An early stompbox of mine. Guess I did put some keyboards in more often than my guitar.
Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion
Great distortion at that time, maybe the MT-2 of the 80s.
Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay
Oh, what fun did I have with that lil thingie. I guess it had been one of the first stompboxes with delay.
Morley PWA Power Wah
One day the built-in lightbulb broke, then I used a clipable lamp with 60W in front of the photoelectric barrier. Man, that thing screaaaamed!