06/24/03 - Carved a new site for my virtual band, maybe it becomes flesh some day: www.morhol.com.
06/23/03 - There's a new mix of 'Messiah' online - Caged. Added bass guitar, I'm still doubting about sound, volume and if I use a pick or not. Playing more accurate with a pick but finger-picking sounds less gay somehow...*shrug*.
06/17/03 -

GAS Alert! I need bass-lines on my new work below and it's just annoying playing- and sound-wise to hack some on the MIDI-keyboard using bass-samples. I just purchased a nice Ibanez BTB 405 5-string bass below 500,-- € (demo-prize), so I don't even have a bad conscience (that I would have if I'd grabbed that cool Specter bass for 1200,-- €)...*grin*. Expect some heavy pumping soon.

Ingo Morjillo

06/15/03 - Seems I'm in a creative mood lately. After an hour of shredding-practice I came up with a speedy riff, just working a tune out of it. First sniplet here.
06/14/03 -

Yesterday I started my first 'serious' tune since ages. Reason enough to clean up all the crap here. Just ask me if you want to listen to some of my old stuff and enjoy my new addition to the dozens of metal classifications: Gothic Space Metal!!!